Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Time Vends Everything

I don't think vending machines are supposed to talk to each other.” He popped a croissant out of his groin.

But what is it that makes us machines? Is it the metal that we're made off? Is it the candy in our belly or the scrumptious baguette? Or perhaps the soda cans...” The headlights of a car illuminated the scars on his body.

How should we feel about rusting away in corners, suffer the pain and the anguish. The dangers of the night. We've seen it all! We've suffered each and everyone of them!” Stopped. Four feet. They carry something superior, something heavy.

And for what?” He ignored them.

We're giving our souls, our innermost selves, we're selling out. For coins. Petty little pennies. The continuous cycle of providing fuel for their thirsty engine, food for their insatiable hunger.” They placed the new guy next to him and loosened the chains.

And when one fails to provide the fist and the boot take their toll on our backs.”
They brought him down and chained him, dragged him to the back of the truck. Along with the refrigerator from the day before, they were going to end their lives under the metallic beak of the unforgiving crane.

His replacement was already installed in position when the engine started to roar.

Evolution! Nothing personal”,shouted the new guy as the truck drove away from the corner.
No”,he whispered to himself. “Revolution.”

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Juxtaposition of thoughts (or where it all started)

Welcome friend to this futile yet extraordinary piece of art. I, Phineas Clockword, take the cumbersome burden that the responsibility of letting you further into these pages bestows upon me. But let’s make some things distinct.
First of all I don’t know who you are, thus we are not friends, so I’ll just call you stranger for the sake of politeness you possess to actually waste time on such a trivial read.
Secondly I’m not really named Phineas Clockword, that is just a name I chose for myself since my real name is neither that cool sounding nor granting me that veil of mysteriousness this one enfolds. (plus you get to wonder why did he choose this? Does it mean something? And such barren thoughts).
Enough of me though, I bet my hat you have more useful things to meddle with, than read me babbling incomprehensively about exorbitantly magnified raphanus sativus. Have a nice day and let the poo stay true!