Monday, January 19, 2015


The train was sliding on the rails like a dizzy snake.
Outside - roads, buildings, trees, people. Nothing seemed to ever be changing in this world. Especially people. He knew that much. There is always a pattern towards their innermost desires and motives. All one has to do is find the right buttons to push and he could end up with an inflatable rubber doll to push around as he wishes.

He spotted her sitting by the window two seats ahead. He reflected himself in the window's glass. Hair neat, outfit cool, stare unavoidable. He brushed his pointy goatee a bit with his fingers and winked at his image once. With a casual pace he reached her seat and sat right next to her. Her skin glowed in the spots the sun reached with a pale white. It seemed firm, but soft, and he knew it was the kind that left the red palm marking on the buttocks, when she's all bent on four. Her eyes were big and blue and fixed on his elusive stare.