Monday, April 8, 2019


There was a time not long ago, when man believed.
When morals were held in hand alongside faith, and people were content to surrender to powers beyond their mortal capability, for a divine favor.
And life is always harsh.
The people of the village of Onslo knew it well.
Stuck like a limpet on a sea rock, the village rooted against a steep slope, close to the highest peaks of Mount Vunio.
On its feet, the thick cloud blanket kept the village away from an old, forgotten world beneath. The Cloud Gods were not remembered fondly, or hatefully there. In such a place their names were nothing more than a distant memory.
Someone else's tale.
But for the people of Onslo, the giants carried a relentless winter on their backs. And spring, was something that had to be earned, by blood and sweat and sacrifice.
So the people of Onslo believed.