Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Gentle Process of Letting Go

Floating on the surface of poorly done leftovers
down inside a toilet above the septic pipes
there it sat comfortably among the yellow waters
a little brownish blob of captivating flies

To defecate he thought it was to decompress
he hardly ever needed to stay in there for long
but solid as a rock it came to suppress
his ass' fartly song

He moaned and blushed and pushed with steel determination
to lead his constipation to total termination

Suddenly wishful thinking began to form a mass
As echos in the room produced uncanny gas
Coming from somewhere between the poor man's hairy ass

He startled jumped and loosened his body's bottom hole
and saw his makings down there, looking them as a whole
The turd stared back at him and there he had a hunch
Granting him specious information about the latest lunch

Corn and tomato colored with shades of fresh cut spinach
Should he consider eating for next time a packet full of peanuts?

He got up, cheered a bit and then he started flush
Hitting the shite he had delivered, holding a toilet brush

Thus having executed complete evacuation.
Now savors of a feeling of utter relaxation.

* * *

Monday, October 19, 2015

Strange Fruit of Paradise (Part Five)

The sun was already up, having emerged from between the distant sand dunes in the east. The girl watched Ovolon as he was packing their things to go. The look of him; crouching, carefully stuffing everything inside his backpack, with messy curly hair and an unshaven chin, reminded her of monkeys eating lice from each other's backs.
“Ahem, so where to now?” she asked in a faked serious tone and tried to hide a giggle as Ovolon turned his head and looked at her with confusion.
“I thought you knew!”
“Nope. No idea what to do now. All I knew was that we should hurry get inside. I don't even remember why. Maybe it was just a hunch.” she said as she strolled around him, with her hands behind her back and her head looking up the sky.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Strange Fruit of Paradise (Part Four)

It was early in the morning and the moisture in the air was still thick bringing drifting odors into Ovolon's nostrils. He stoop up from the rock he was sitting and took a stroll around the area, stopping casually to examine his surroundings. Downhill he could see the Great Path passing between the hillsides which formed it, making it bend like a snake heading towards the stony mountain gorge which led away from the familiar meadow. He didn't know what was beyond it. He wanted to go, wanted to know, but he had always postponed this. Fear of the unknown maybe.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Mushrooms and colorful pillows
fry my brain like and egg
for i always had one leg
since my good perspective willows

The predictions of my voodoo 
glimer my totemic mask
sometimes strangers come to ask
what the serpents of Candu do

* * *

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Strange Fruit of Paradise (Part Three)

This was nice. We can meet again another time and have more fun” said the girl leaned to the right a bit in a charming little bow.
Sure, we can go to places.” answered Ovolon.
Yeah, do things! Explore the meadow. Discover the whole oddness and the rareness and... and the indulging personalities that we'll meet” she said and her voice gradually became a murmur and her glare drifted to the sky lost in the reverie of imaginative possibilities. “Anyway. Good day for now”
Have a nice trip. We'll meet again for sure” smiled Ovolon and did a courteous bow himself.
She waved at him and turned around taking the road to her home along with her blue friend.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Strange Fruit of Paradise (Part Two)

For a long moment they stood before each other staring in silent blinking of the eyes. Ovolon had indeed quite a few sagittarian ages to witness such a beautiful sighting. I totally wasn't expecting this, he thought and suppressed a feeling of instant elation, turning it into an unnoticeable shudder. Her hair were long and curly and delicately covered the better half of her breasts. Just enough to awaken primitive instincts in his mind, which were asleep and forgotten since when, even he could not remember. He noticed her gaze was in a way a mix between apprehension and curiosity, but she too seemed to welcome this unexpected meeting.

Saturday, June 27, 2015


Christoffer came back today.
I saw him in the cracks between the door and the wall.

He had come for the first time sometime around May. I noticed him on the wall behind my desk. It was only for a moment when I saw him, I blinked and when I looked again he was gone. He must have entered through the window blinds, it had started to get hot these days and I kept the glass open most of the time.
That night I said it was just my imagination and went to bed, ignoring the little cracking sounds I kept hearing before sleep took me. Must be the dogs in the yard turning around in their cage, I thought.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Strange Fruit of Paradise (Part One)

Ovolon lived under a tree just at the edge of the greenless meadow. His tree was wrinkled and unblossomed and no nests had been built on it. In fact, birds were by years now, gone.

The girl with the magical hair lived under a tree just at the other edge of the greenless meadow. Her tree was also in no good shape. This one though, had a little hummingbird nest. And the little blue inhabitant rarely flew away.

Winters passed and the meadow was covered in snow up where the eye can see. In the nights with no rains or snowfalls, with no clouds and the big moon blazing the field alight, all the stars could be seen. These nights, both Ovolon and the girl would look up the sky.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Flesh Appetites

She was sitting calmly there
combing her carnivorous hair

He knew not, what was forthcoming
for she was so very charming

So she lured him in her lair
and she just stood there to crunch
All his flesh turned into lunch
by the girl's carnivorous hair

* * *

Monday, January 19, 2015


The train was sliding on the rails like a dizzy snake.
Outside - roads, buildings, trees, people. Nothing seemed to ever be changing in this world. Especially people. He knew that much. There is always a pattern towards their innermost desires and motives. All one has to do is find the right buttons to push and he could end up with an inflatable rubber doll to push around as he wishes.