Friday, April 26, 2013

Of Wood, Voodoo and Llama (Part the Second)

After a long journey, having left behind him a trail of bleak desolation, the demon arrived at the rims of the Amazon jungle. He took a deep breath and filled his lungs with the perfume of moist wood. A cold silence spread among the dim lit brushes and the vine-wrapped trees – the jungle was aware of his presence.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Of Wood, Voodoo and Llama (Part the First)

  He was the enemy of the forest.
  At nights when thunder and lightning carved the sky, he wandered about the woods trying to find the oldest tree. Then he would take out his axe, which was made of wood and bone and moss, and take the tree's heart. Without the heart of the forest, from the roots of the dead, malicious vines would start to erupt. Soon the whole forest would became sick, with an illness no shaman could heal as long as he roamed the land.