Thursday, December 22, 2016

Knights' Nights

There once was a knight
who always at night
sad poems he wrote
to deal with love drought

After much thinking
and certainly drinking
the knight left the bar
to go really far
for some sort of quest:

To slay evil monsters,
be on all WANTED posters
Be rich,
kill a witch
Save innocent people,
help even the cripple
Don't be like the rest,
but only the best

He drove across plains in his shiny white Porsche
(Some say it's unfitting, improper and silly
And nobody thinks it helps jousting really
But goes so much faster than the traditional horse.)

And he battled for a king
who was known to be just
for it is the common thing,
like they say it is a “must”
Liberating helpless people using pointy battle forks
swording through the trolls and goblins and especially the orcs

So he did all deeds of valor
Even he became a sailor
to explore all magic places
see all kinds of different faces

But despite trying a lot
little pleasure to him brought
for the hollow in his heart
had not found it's missing part

And he watched night skies alight
while sad poems he did write

* * *

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Waste of

One kills and kisses
cordial wishes

It's not a crime
my name is Time

* * *

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Strange Fruit of Paradise (Part Six)

 They stood for a moment looking at each other trying to adjust their minds on the curious encounter they just had. The girl seemed lost in her thoughts, but her big almond-shaped eyes looked calm and aloof, like she wasn't really surprised by what had just happened. Ovolon noticed this and spoke first.
“You seem like we didn't just met a God. Have you ever met one before?” he asked with a half-fake inspecting tone.
“I don't think so.” answered the girl.
“Aren't you surprised?”
“Well we met someone who claimed to be a God and who gave us a map to the end of the world. It is what it is.” said the girl and gave him a smile like all the cares and the burdens of this world were not enough to smother her optimism.