Friday, December 19, 2014

The Pillow Case

Sun Oxen Year & ¾ , Eighthday
Around Noon

It was when I pressed my hand on the crystal ball that I saw.

It was dark.
The moon cast her luminous strings, twisting the forest and filling the land with shadow and twilight. A night breeze made the trees dance, sending their leaves to the hungry soil.
There was light coming from the top tower of the castle. A dim candle melting by the window, shaped pale outlines in the room, making the old wooden furniture look like oddly dressed tree-men. Inside the colors of gold and black painted curtains and sheets. A great chandelier hanged from the ceiling and claret walls carried portraits of insignificant dead folk. Intoxicating odors of the perfumes of lustful women lingered in the air, permeating decadent aristocracy.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Comments by P.H.Clockword on stuff

On Creativity
Be creative.

On Time Travel
The future is uncertain. I went there and I personally asked it. It is confused whether it is really the future or the future present, which makes it more of another present than actually the future. Same goes for the past, but it's convinced that's it's a tense and not a time. I don't recommend it. Bottom line is.

On God
Version one was the biggest mistake I ever made. It had a lot of bugs and really, wasn't ready for release. Thankfully, due to your continuous support and feedback version two is and will continue to be - despite the beliefs of several skeptical infidels, working as intended.

On Babies

On Coconuts
Coconuts are the best breed of scientists as their achievements have surpassed all the others' in the fruit world. Their skills in art and fruitosophy are not mere either and to quote the revered fruit cake professor Coco the Nut: “What is brown and hard on the outside, if not acknowledged fruitless, it can prove white and milky on the inside”

On Death
Not the most pleasant guy to hang around with. He has a morbid sense of humor and a lack of basic personal hygiene. Many phobias and complexes too. Once I told him, after he confessed to me about his fear of reapers: “Hey Death, don't fear the reaper”. And next day he got up early and went to the store where he bought a chainsaw, which made his job a bit more expensive but much more relaxing.

On People
People are strange when you're a stranger and strangers when you are strange. Still I prefer coconuts.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Of Wood, Voodoo and Llama (Part at Last)

Woodsie Woodsie Die Woodsie got up.
With heavy steps he approached the great tree, picked up the tomahawk and held it in his blackened hands. The rain kept falling in the jungle, soaking everything in a murky veil. Echoes of thunder came from the distance, as white cracks of light formed on the horizon. He loosened his grip on the tomahawk and let it slide down in his hand. It fell with a thud and hammered the ground with its weight.