Friday, July 10, 2015

Strange Fruit of Paradise (Part Two)

For a long moment they stood before each other staring in silent blinking of the eyes. Ovolon had indeed quite a few sagittarian ages to witness such a beautiful sighting. I totally wasn't expecting this, he thought and suppressed a feeling of instant elation, turning it into an unnoticeable shudder. Her hair were long and curly and delicately covered the better half of her breasts. Just enough to awaken primitive instincts in his mind, which were asleep and forgotten since when, even he could not remember. He noticed her gaze was in a way a mix between apprehension and curiosity, but she too seemed to welcome this unexpected meeting.

The girl spoke first and said in a polite and cheerful way:
Hello! My name is...” she began and rolled her auburn eyes to the top left. “Sorry, I haven't used it for some time and I never call myself you see. Forgotten...” she jiggled cheerfully. In her voice there was almost a subtle singing, especially in the way she dragged the last words before she stopped speaking. Like the words in her mind were constantly conflicting with other thoughts and images giving her a hard time concentrating on conversation.

Anyway, you can call me, let's see...”

As she started to think the bird flew off the tree and landed on the girls shoulder.
She's the girl with the magical hair” it chirped taking away her thinkful expression from her face.

Oh my, I’ve forgotten you could speak Mr. Hummingbird” she said genuinely surprised.

Ovolon was caught even more off guard with the girl's aloofness and her sincere introduction. At least for a stranger it was, strange. Countless thoughts and speculations about the transcendent creature's appearance standing in front of him passed through his mind. Questions. Where is she from? Why is she here? What do I do? All in a flash of sparkling colorful images pierced his head from ear to ear and instantly brought him back to reality.

My name is Ovolon” he said. “Would you care to join me for dinner? Stew is about to be ready.” He made a small bow and presented her the wooden chair. “Only if you're hungry.” he added.

The yellow moon rose on the purple sky and deep green glowing fireflies danced around the fire. The girl was sitting on the chair holding a clay bowl with steaming stew. Ovolon sat on the ground opposite to the girl holding a same bowl too.

This smells delicious” said the girl and blew the hot steam from the bowl that was almost covering her face.

It's lamented unbison meat, quaint animals they are. One needs to set his traps in the correct places if it is to capture one. Usually they stop every now and then under trees to play songs with their horn. Unbisons, they are very much creatures of habit, so all you need to do is set a silence trap under a tree and wait.” he picked a big chunk of meat from the stew, gulped it and continued. “It kind of drives them crazy if they cannot hear themselves, like their thinking goes away with the sound too. It's nice meat I guess. For sure much better than tree squalors. There's hardly any meat on them.” added Ovolon and a more instinctual manly feeling overwhelmed him confessing the mysteries of the trade, that is hunting, to the girl.

Uh-huh” answered the girl who seemed lost in the mental image of someone, it may have been her too, doing all the things Ovolon described. The light of the fire reflected in her eyes and she heard twigs crackling. She smelled the voracious aroma of the stew and felt the warmth of the place on her skin reaching under. She tried a full tablespoon of stew and started feeling more relaxed and comfortable, as her last sense was satisfied.
It's nice here. I used to pass around this place, but there always seemed someone was already here and I wouldn't want to bother” she said and took another mouthful from the bowl.

That was probably me” said Ovolon with a smile and hurried to continue before the thin thread which was holding the conversation broke.

What about Mr. Hummingbird, is he your bird?” he asked

No. Not at all.” answered the girl “He's not mine and neither am his. We're both two independent beings who happen to enjoy each others company from time to time. You may think of it as necessary friends.” she cuddled the furry little head of Mr. Hummingbird who was curled up in her lap.

Oh I see. So miss girl with the magical hair, do you like listening to silence?”

Yep, I like it a lot!” Her eyes glittered with exhilaration that her new friend had such interesting interests. “Which kinds of silence you like most?” she asked in turn.

I believe the one I really enjoy is when I am on the top of a hill watching the meadow below. A mellow breeze, I can feel the air on my face and the sun is about to set between the sky and the ground.” he said and waved his hands around his face imitating the wind with his voice. “Then all stop for a moment, and it's a moment of a sublime silence. There's a great hill nearby where I usually go. The Hill of Many Eyes, I should definitely take you there sometime.”

Everything around them by that time had blurred into a veil of twisted purpleness and their fire under the tree had become a beacon of somethingness inside the vast vagueness. Ovolon saw the girl nodding in approval for his choice.

And yours? What's your favorite silence?”

The girl rolled her eyes again and took a moment to think.
I think it's when I'm having my feet warmed by the fire, and my belly filled with tasty dinner, and I'm sitting talking to a man about favorite silences.” she said and smiled to Ovolon, like he could never forget. “ And then we stop talking”

A complete silence followed the girl's words. The twigs in the fire stopped crackling. The squalors on the concealed by the mist trees stopped croaking and the fireflies seemed to freeze in place. They both closed their eyes and took a big breath, taking in all that quiet breeze, filling them with a pure feeling of momentary completeness. Then they opened their eyes to look at each other and they burst into laughter, stirring the silence with their voices and making the whole sound around them return too.

* * *

They made a portrait of one another with a small part of each other's personality, creating two new characters based on the mere, and the deeper, life contemplations they shared. They laughed and smiled and told things. Some same troubles puzzled them and some others found them unable to empathize, but both of them tried to have understanding, because this night they shared, only comes once in a lifetime for every person one meets. And they both knew that.

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