Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Spiteful Ode to a Butter Fly

Butterfly, damn butterfly.
You're not a real butterfly.
You're just a normal fly,
which sat upon my butter
that's why I'm gonna now,
I'm gonna fetch the swatter.
And I will surely avenge
my now infected butter,
for it's the only thing
which in my life does matter.

You sat on my left cheek.
Some say it is a bless.
But if on me I hit you,
my own face I will mess.

So go away fly,
go away.
Spit down on your path you lay.

I don't want you in my kitchen
and I hate your buzz to listen.
I don't like you as a pet
You're just here for my nape's sweat.

Did I get you?
Did I not?
To find the body I cannot.

So I sit on triumph's verge,
while you, from behind emerge.
And you fly to the next room,
cunningly delaying your doom.

Fly you toadfood!
Fly you cunt!
I will get you when you land.

* * *

* Traditional anti-fly song by the peoples of Swamp Cukoucukacou, during the first Swamplordiness election. The toads won that time, with the mosquitoes coming very close, contrary to the general belief that the Electric Racketman has always claimed lordship.
First published in Kernel Kiki's 1894 poem and song collection, titled “Silliously?”

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