Saturday, March 31, 2018

Excerpts from the Sleepless Cycle - Ants

Ants came while I was asleep.
They took my left eyebrow.
Carried over and planted all the hair above my right one. Now, I have just one big eyebrow. It doesn't feel right.
It's uneven. Asymmetrical. Odd.
I find myself leaning to my right side when I talk to people. They say nothing, don't even seem to notice it. But I know they're are either being polite or ashamed of my unfortunate face. All in all, I'd rather have their outright mockery, than a silent pity.
I don't know why the ants did that. Who told them to? Could it be the King of Ants, whom I've never heard about? The big shadow cast above my right eye blurs the answers.
One thing is for certain though, they're coming for my nostril hair next. They'll put it inside my ears.
That's why I filled them up with silicon. Insulation. That'll stop them. Trading some of my senses is probably worth them leaving me alone.
As for my nostril hair, it won't be easy finding it, while along with my nose, it's in the garbage can.
If only the blood would stop pouring on the paper, I would consider this a clean victory.

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