Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Gentle Process of Letting Go

Floating on the surface of poorly done leftovers
down inside a toilet above the septic pipes
there it sat comfortably among the yellow waters
a little brownish blob of captivating flies

To defecate he thought it was to decompress
he hardly ever needed to stay in there for long
but solid as a rock it came to suppress
his ass' fartly song

He moaned and blushed and pushed with steel determination
to lead his constipation to total termination

Suddenly wishful thinking began to form a mass
As echos in the room produced uncanny gas
Coming from somewhere between the poor man's hairy ass

He startled jumped and loosened his body's bottom hole
and saw his makings down there, looking them as a whole
The turd stared back at him and there he had a hunch
Granting him specious information about the latest lunch

Corn and tomato colored with shades of fresh cut spinach
Should he consider eating for next time a packet full of peanuts?

He got up, cheered a bit and then he started flush
Hitting the shite he had delivered, holding a toilet brush

Thus having executed complete evacuation.
Now savors of a feeling of utter relaxation.

* * *

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